Super Junior’s Heechul Was Teased About His Relationship With TWICE’s Momo On His New Television Show

He was so flustered by the teasing, he even said her name by accident.

The program Love of 7.7 Billion which sees Heechul, Shin Dong Yup, and Yoo In Na act as hosts, interviewing young men and women regarding their thoughts on love and marriage.

Source: JTBC Entertainment

During the first episode, Heechul was teased mercilessly, but playfully, by his cohosts. Shin Dong Yup expresses the importance of having dating experience in order to be empathetic and relatable toward guests…

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… Before saying that Heechul had a very important role to play, making him stutter nervously in response.

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Yoo In Na stated that many people felt Heechul chose to join the show because of his current relationship status. As everyone knows, it was revealed at the beginning of the year that Heechul is in a relationship with TWICE‘s Momo, making them a powerhouse entertainment Korea-Japan couple!

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Heechul quickly defended himself and said, “I thought, ‘That show sounds interesting. International dating? It’s awesome.’ I didn’t know that this would happen to me...” His responses to his co-hosts jokes made them burst out laughing before they congratulated him. Although he played it cool, Heechul was obviously flustered as he even accidentally said Momo’s name during the broadcast! 😁

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It’s nice to see Heechul so comfortable joking about his relationship with Momo, particularly as he really seemed to struggle with the news breaking in the beginning. He was especially remorseful for hurting any longtime fans after the news broke.

Watch the whole clip below: