Super Junior’s Ryeowook Once Put Heechul In An Awkward Situation That Left Him Feeling Scared

Heechul said fans would kill him if he did this.

Super Junior‘s Heechul always seems to be getting into trouble on JTBC Entertainment‘s Knowing Bros, from being confronted by Leeteuk to having to apologize to his “soulmate” for breaking their heart.

Episode 200 of Knowing Bros was no different for poor Heechul. During a game that was meant to be fun and funny, Ryeowook asked Heechul to name the girl group he dislikes the most in just three syllables.

Source: DDW A/YouTube

Heechul was absolutely shook, completely in awe that his friend would do this to him.

Source: DDW A/YouTube

He declared, “Their fans would kill me!

Source: DDW A/YouTube

He’s probably right, but we’d like to know which girl group it was.  🤔