Super Junior’s Shindong Charms The Internet With His Chill-Dude Vibes In This Response To A Snarky Tweet

“Do I really have to look at Shindong…?”

When the SBS KPOP YouTube channel shared the latest episode of Shindong Gayo with IZ*ONE, Super Junior‘s Shindong fans got pleasantly surprised with him dancing to “Fiesta” with the girl group.

The flawless collaboration began circulating online…

… and while most of the internet became impressed, this one snarky comment ended up catching Shindong’s eyes.

Do I really have to look at Shindong try the “Fiesta” dance though?

— Snarky Netizen

Even though the tweet is mean enough to hurt his feelings, Shindong replied with the most chill dude vibes…


Yes, yes, yes!!! ^^ Please just take one look, haha.

— Shindong

… and said, “Snark, be gone.”


— Not-So-Snarky Netizen

Netizens are even more in love with Shindong’s composed reaction to the tweet and continue to support the idol in his endeavors, including his incredibly successful weight loss adventure.

I’ve never really had an opinion about Shindong until now. I like him, what a cool guy. I hope he doesn’t get too hurt reading mean tweets about him. People need to be nicer online.

— Netizen

Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO

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