Super Junior’s Siwon Got Lost In The Middle Of Osaka, And Tweeted For Help

“I don’t know the way.”

Super Junior‘s most recent trip to Japan could have gone a little bit smoother for one member. It was just a nice day in Osaka when Siwon decided to go for a jog but seeing the sights came with the price of getting lost.


He reached out on Twitter letting everyone know he couldn’t figure out where he was and asked people to help him based on his pictures.

“I don’t know the way. I ran without reservation. It was so nice! But I got lost. I’ll upload the pictures soon.” — Siwon


Although the situation wasn’t the best, fans just couldn’t contain themselves. Some reacted with a bit of surprise and a little bit of laughter while asking for the pictures.


Others had added a little bit of creativity and humor to the situation.


Besides the concern, there were those who suggested skipping the pictures and going for a more straightforward and practical approach.


And some straight up savage responses!


Of course, there weren’t just funny responses to his cry for help, other fans were worried and wanted to make sure he was safe.


Eventually, Siwon did take some of the advice his followers gave him and found his way home by turning on Google maps!

“You must  live wisely without losing your goals. No matter what the circumstances may be, gratitude is never lost. Let’s not be swayed. Everything is a matter of my mind.” — Siwon


A happy ending and some hilarious netizen reactions will make this one story that ELFs will never forget (and never let him live down)!

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