SuperM’s Baekhyun Admits His First Impression Of Taeyong Was Completely Wrong

Taeyong had Baekhyun totally fooled.

Out of all the SuperM members, some friendships are naturally stronger than others. One of them is Baekhyun and Taeyong‘s.

In a video for Glamour, they revealed what their first impressions of each other were. Baekhyun admitted his first impression of Taeyong had been completely and utterly wrong.

Considering Taeyong’s physical appearance, Baekhyun thought what many people think when first seeing him: “I thought he was extremely good looking.” When it came to the heart of a first impression, Baekhyun had another thought that came first.

Being in Taeyong’s presence and feeling his vibe, Baekhyun thought, “I wanted to give him strength. That was my first thought.” In the hopes of doing so, he decided to make an effort for them to grow closer. It turns out he didn’t have to worry about Taeyong at all.

As Baekhyun grew closer to him, he realized what he’d initially thought hadn’t been true. Taeyong wasn’t someone who needed the strength of others. He was actually doing an excellent job of taking care of himself, sleeping and eating well.

Baekhyun had discovered Taeyong was not only mindful but cheerful as well. With a fond smile, he revealed, “He’s a very bright child.”

There’s a reason people say that looks can be deceiving. Taeyong is full of different charms despite what people would typically think from his appearance.

Watch Baekhyun reveal how misleading his first impressions of his junior had been all along.