SuperM’s Baekhyun Almost Abused His Power As Leader, But Kai Wasn’t Having It

It wasn’t happening on Kai’s watch.

In the first episode of SuperM‘s The Beginning, Baekhyun was ready to abuse his power as soon as they entered their U.S. dorm.


After taking a look at all the rooms in the house, he’d set his eyes on one in particular.

He made it known to the rest of the group that it was his top choice, at least if it had been a single room. Baekhyun confessed that he would’ve stepped into his leadership position to snatch it away from everyone else.

I would’ve used my authority as leader to take it.

His honesty made everyone laugh. Kai wouldn’t have let it happen, though. He stood up and called Baekhyun out for thinking of abusing his power.

This isn’t why we asked you to be the leader.

To mirror Baekhyun’s playful mood and show just how serious he was, Kai pretended to strangle him before sitting back down.

Kai will always be there to keep him in check. Watch their funny reactions to Baekhyun’s confession of the mere thought of abusing his power.