SuperM’s Baekhyun Totally Got Why Ten Called Him The Gingerbread Man

It wasn’t for the obvious reason, at least not quite.

In a segment with WIRED, SuperM chose what they would say to describe each other. In the process, Kai and Lucas ran into a funny situation where hands were ready to be thrown. Although Ten‘s description of Baekhyun was just as funny, Baekhyun couldn’t disagree with it.


Ten often likes to describe people using characters from the movie Shrek. To keep his tradition going, he said Baekhyun would be the Gingerbread Man.

Sometimes he reminds me of the Gingerbread Man. You know, from Shrek?

At first, Baekhyun was confused. It could’ve been by the English word or Ten’s choice of the word itself in this context. Ten didn’t leave him hanging and gave a sort of translation to clarify.

Eh? Gingerbread?

Once Ten mimicked the walk of the animated character, Baekyun knew exactly what Ten had been getting at, “I think I know.” If you take a look at the Gingerbread Man, you’ll notice something other than him being a talking cookie.

Since he’s decorated with icing and candy, he isn’t technically wearing any clothes. That’s why Baekhyun confessed that Ten had seen him naked before. It made all of them burst into laughter, even Taeyong, who’d heard the confession for the first time.

It’s because he’s seen me naked.

SuperM have really seen all there is to see about one another. Watch Ten and Baekhyun explain the spot on comparison here.