SuperM’s Kai Hurt Himself On Stage, But There Was Only One Person He Wanted To Go To

The show had to go on, so all he needed was his little brother.

As SuperM were finishing up the last couple of dates they’d initially announced for the North American leg of their We Are The Future tour, Kai experienced a minor injury.

It happened during their performance of “No Manners” in Seattle, Washington. Somewhere along the way, Kai had ended up injuring one of his fingers.

Although it’s unclear how it happened or how badly it was hurt, Kai’s finger was bleeding as he showed it to the person he wanted comfort from the most: Mark. The crease between his eyebrows and the serious expression on his face displayed just how concerned he was.

As Kai held his hand with the injured finger, Mark seemed to reach for it. Kai most likely reassured him it was only minor and that he could manage it.

Afterward, it turned out that it was fine. With Mark by his side, they both were smiling and continuing on with the concert. This wasn’t the only time this incident happened, though.

During their performance of the same song in Fort Worth, Texas, Kai had hurt another finger.

In a photo taken of the group after the concert, there was something wrapped around the finger on Kai’s right hand to bandage it. Mark was still right beside him.

Fortunately, it seems like Kai’s fingers have been able to heal since then. No matter what happens, Kai’s little brother Mark will always be there to comfort him and show concern.