SuperM’s Kai Knew His Best Friend Taemin So Well That He Risked It All

Even Taemin had to laugh at how Kai ended up.

In the second part of SuperM‘s SuperM Midterm Exam, the group tested their knowledge with an exam about their fellow members Lucas, Ten, and Taemin.

With Kai and Taemin being longtime best friends, it should’ve been a no-brainer. While the scores came out as expected, they didn’t come without a lot of laughs from Kai’s confidence.

Even though Kai had a rough start on the first question by incorrectly guessing Taemin’s birthday, he soon brushed it off and ended up on the right path. From the second question onward, he was on fire.

When they guessed Taemin’s body sizes, Kai had his height, weight, and shoe size correct right down to every digit. After Taemin verified them, he jumped out of his seat and reached for a celebratory handshake. “I got goosebumps.

As they checked their answers for Taemin’s hobby, the best friends had a hilarious moment. Kai was so excited from getting the correct answer that he began to crack up so loud and carefree that he forgot all about his balance.

He suddenly tumbled backwards in his chair, still laughing it up. He wasn’t the only one amused about the comedic relief.

With smiles on their face, Baekhyun and Lucas turned to see what all the commotion had been about. Kai laughed even more from his fall, along with Taemin who pointed and chuckled.

Even though Kai was ready to risk it all by falling over, his confidence paid off. He knew Taemin so well that he scored the highest with eleven points.

The two are indeed best friends who can pass a friendship test with flying colors—and hilarious moments. Check out Kai making them all laugh with his excitement that topples chairs.