Kai Seized The Opportunity To Start A Tickle Fight With Mark Mid-Song At SuperM’s Concert

He saw his opportunity and took it:

Bringing their signature energy, flawless performances, and plenty of fun interactions to the heart of San Diego, SuperM just kicked off the 2020 leg of their SuperM: We Are the Future Live tour with a bang!

Image: @kimjonin/Twitter

With their energy overflowing, Kai decided to let some of that energy out. How? By trying to start a tickle fight with Mark in the middle of their performance of “With You”!

As Mark began singing his part of the refrain, Kai started dancing behind Mark giving him some wings! But from that position, Kai was in the perfect position to notice that Mark’s side was primed and ready for a little tickling!

With such a perfect opportunity who could ever resist? Not Kai, that’s for sure! In one swift move, Kai quickly swooped in and tickled Mark while he was singing! Mark simply couldn’t escape Kai’s tickle attack nor could he escape his inevitable laugh!

Kai’s tickle attack and Mark’s adorable reaction have been stealing everyone’s heart…

And it’s easy to see why!