SuperM’s Kai Reveals Why He Started Studying English

He’d been honing his skills for a while.

With the spreading of K-Pop worldwide, it’s now become a must for idols to learn multiple languages. That doesn’t prevent them from having a special interest in it.


In a special episode of SuperM‘s The Beginning, Kai shared his own reasons for studying English.

He admitted part of the reason was for SuperM’s many promotions where it would be useful to converse with English speakers. The other part was because of his personal interest in wanting to learn it for himself.

Although it’s because of SuperM, I’ve personally wanted to learn English. I’ve been studying for a while now.

To work towards his goal, Kai revealed that he’s been focusing on how to form sentences rather than simply having conversations.

I’ve actually been studying with mostly books instead of conversations. Learning how grammar works…

Even though he’s been working hard, using his skills hasn’t been as easy as he thought. Talking with someone is a whole other facet he’s still working on.

That’s what I’ve been studying, but talking is different.

He admitted that even he makes mistakes, lots of them. From the interviews he’s done in English for SuperM, he’s done better than the thinks.

To be honest, I messed up a lot.

If you’re learning a language, take notes from Kai. Study well, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Listen to him share his reasons for tackling the language here.