If SuperM’s Lucas Wasn’t An Idol, Here’s What He’d Be

Lucas shared the same response as a fellow NCT member.

Since idols have a variety of skills and interests that aren’t related to the music industry, it would be natural if they’d imagined another path for themselves.

During Billboard‘s twenty questions for SuperM, Lucas revealed what career path he would’ve chosen if he hadn’t become an idol and joined NCT, WayV, and SuperM.

| @WayV_official/Twitter

If being a singer was off the table, Lucas would join one of the most dangerous yet selfless careers. “If not a musician, I’d probably be a firefighter.” Funnily enough, Taeyong shared the same answer during a past interview.

There was a beautiful reason why the career spoke to him. Lucas wanted to be useful to others, “A job that saves other people’s lives is truly inspiring to me.

If that wasn’t possible either, all Lucas wanted to do was help others any way he could. “But if not a firefighter, I’d definitely choose a career that makes people happy, just like what I try to do now through music and performing.

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Don’t let Lucas’s charismatic performing and fierce expressions fool you. He only wants to care for others.

Source: Billboard