SuperM Mark’s Struggle To Explain Their Sexy Song “Drip” Is Giving Fans Flashbacks

The hilarious moment between Mark and Taeyong is too familiar.

When it comes to breaking down the meaning behind NCT‘s sexier tracks, Mark never fails to amuse fans with his attempts to describe them in a way that’s PG-13.

From his explanation of SuperM‘s sexy track “Drip”, fans now have another hilarious moment to add to their memory banks—one that’s sparking flashbacks to another similar situation.

During the group’s countdown for their Super One album release, Mark was the one who introduced “Drip”. After sharing his first impression of the song, he then moved onto its meaning.

That’s when the maknae became a bit speechless, “‘Drip’. We’re basically talking about how…um…through…” He couldn’t seem to find the right words.

Though he tried to soldier on and come up with something on the fly, he couldn’t hide his look of confusion, “Like…the uh…through uh…” He even chuckled and gave his members a glance that signalled he needed a bit of help.

By then, many of them were chuckling as well from Mark’s struggle. Ten and Lucas were smiling as Baekhyun offered a funny explanation, “He’s stopped thinking.” Mark ended up gathering his thoughts.

Mark summed up the track’s meaning with, “Through the interaction you have with a person you’re interested in… That tension that exists there…is the ‘Drip’ we want to express. So, yeah.

Once he’d come up with an explanation that made sense, Mark was so proud of making it work. His laugh of victory had Ten just as amused. There was someone who was enjoying the whole situation way more, though.

Without a care in the world, Taeyong burst into laughter from Mark’s struggle. He couldn’t sit still in his chair, lifting his legs and laughing up a storm. Even Kai and Taemin had to hold back their laughter.

The situation gave fans a flashback to another moment that was just as funny.

When Mark had to share the meaning behind the lyrics of NCT 127‘s sexy track “Whiplash”, he was just as hilariously flustered—along with Taeyong.

No matter how old Mark gets, he’ll always be the maknae who gets shy at the mention of anything sexy.

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