SuperM’s Mark, Taeyong, Lucas, And Ten Reveal Their Biggest Fears

The two of them share the same fear.

With the help of some tiny helpers, SuperM answered a few questions submitted by fans. One of them was something everyone could relate to: what did they fear most?

Mark, Taeyong, Lucas, and Ten tackled the question and revealed what they were afraid of most.

Mark was the first to respond. Kai thought he would fear the supernatural, “What’s yours, Mark? Ghosts?” It turned out to be a fear that was much more practical, “I’m afraid of heights.

Mark then explained why he always looks so startled whenever it comes to amusement park rides, “Yeah, I’m not good at riding rollercoasters and stuff.” Even though Kai’s guess for Mark’s fear hadn’t fit, it did for Taeyong.

When Taeyong began to explain his biggest fear, he revealed that it had been a recent one he’d gained. It formed during the group’s trip to Mexico, where they’d watched a horror movie that sparked his fear of the supernatural:

There’s a specific event that triggered this fear. When we were in Mexico, we watched a movie. Baekhyun, Lucas, and I ended up sleeping in the same bed. Yes, it was a scary movie. I’ll go with ghosts.

He wasn’t the only one who shared that fear. Lucas went next, thinking of what he feared most. That’s when Baekhyun pointed out Lucas’s fear was the same as Taeyong’s, “You’re scared of ghosts, too.” Ten’s fear was completely different than everyone else’s.

As a matter of fact, the first part of Ten’s fear didn’t seem like a fear at all. A common tasty treat made it into his top fears, “Mine would be having to eat fruits and insects.” Taeyong hadn’t been ready, nearly jumping out of his seat, “Fruits?

Being familiar with Ten and his eating habits, Baekhyun confirmed that it was true, “Right, he doesn’t eat fruits.” It’s not so much about being scared of fruits; it’s more so the fear of eating something you don’t like.

Everyone is afraid of something, whether it’s something more niche, like eating fruit, or familiar like ghosts.

See each of them reveal what scares them most here.