SuperM Respond To Talk Of Them Possibly Being Nominated For The GRAMMYs

“There’s a lot of hype…” – Tetris Kelly

At the beginning of August, Forbes revealed that changes to the mysterious guidelines of the GRAMMYs could result in quite a few K-Pop artists being eligible for its “Best New Artist” category. Four groups, in particular, were in perfect positions to snatch up those nominations: MONSTA X, BLACKPINK, NCT 127, and SuperM.

So many people mentioned the possibility that SuperM caught wind of it and was asked about it by host Tetris Kelly during their interview with Billboard News.

| @superm/Twitter

Tetris pointed out how excited everyone had been for the mere possibility of them snatching up a nomination for such a prestigious awards show. While fans had been vocal about their joy, he asked the group about their opinion on the subject, “There’s a lot of hype that you guys might get a Best New Artist nomination at the GRAMMYs. Like, that’s crazy. How would that feel?

As the group’s most experienced senior, Taemin took the lead in responding to the question. Although members of other established groups form the group, he showed just how humble they all were. “I think the fact that we’re being mentioned in itself is such an honor.

Because a nomination is one step closer to potentially winning the award, Taemin expressed how it would be a dream come true for them as well. “And after hearing that, part of me wants us to nab the nomination…

While the news brought the group happiness and excitement to be recognized, it also inspired them to continue putting all their effort into their music and promotions. “…and also just continue to work hard.

Whether or not SuperM can bridge the gap for K-Pop to be recognized by the GRAMMYs will be up in the air until the nominations are revealed. With the records they’ve broken after less than a year, anything is possible.

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