SuperM’s Taemin And Kai Teamed Up To Troll Baekhyun About His Mental Age

They didn’t miss the opportunity to tease Baekhyun:

In a fun interview with The FADER, SuperM were tasked with choosing between having an old body with a young mind or having an old mind with a young body, a task that proved to be the perfect opportunity to troll their leader!


As Kai, Taemin, and Baekhyun began contemplating the question, they tried to work out exactly what each of the options would offer.


Within just a few seconds on thinking it over, Taemin declared himself to be team “old mind with young body” all the way!


Meanwhile, Baekhyun couldn’t believe Taemin’s decision and tried changing his mind. Instead, all he did was convince Kai to join Taemin in his decision!

You can’t even drink when you feel like drinking. In your mind, you’re an adult but you can’t even drive!

— Baekhyun


With Taemin and Kai officially joining forces for the young body team, Baekhyun was firm in his old body decision. After all, he was convinced having a young mind would be a-okay. But Baekhyun’s decision left him open for some major trolling and Taemin was only too happy to deliver the first blow!

That’s just you’re mental age.

— Taemin


As they each tried to catch their breath after Taemin’s first hilarious punch, Kai quickly followed it up with a second hilarious blow.

You’d look like you’re 70 but then you’d say, ‘Give me food, mom.’

— Kai


With Taemin and Kai trolling Baekhyun hard, there was nothing for him to do but join their side too! It sounds like perfect teamwork! Check out their trolling team moment here: