SuperM’s Taeyong Drove Fans Wild With His Sexy Moves And Baekhyun And Mark Made Sure He Knew It

Baekhyun and Mark made sure he knew just how sexy his dance was:

SuperM just kicked off their first tour SuperM: We Are The Future in Forth Worth, Texas and they definitely kicked things off with a bang with plenty of heart-stopping performances, fun ments, and swoon-worthy moments including one that not only had the crowd going wild, but it also became the topic of a ment!


During the concert, SuperM performed “No Manners” and let’s just say the sexy really jumped out! With each of the members determined to attack fans left and right with their intense moves, Taeyong KO-ed everyone with his powerful body rolls and more.


It’s no surprise that Taeyong’s moves had the whole crowd going wild! What may have been a surprise, at least for Taeyong, was the moment Baekhyun decided to include that particular moment in his ment and named it as one of his favorite moments!

I really like Taeyong’s part!

— Baekhyun


If Taeyong wasn’t already feeling a little shy because of Baekhyun, Mark made sure to amp up those feelings by pointing out how much the crowd seemed to love his moves.

Wasn’t Taeyong’s part sexy? I saw you guys like that!

— Mark


Although Taeyong might have been too shy to agree that his part was beyond heart-fluttering, fans were 200% ready to agree with Baekhyun and Mark’s words…


And is it really any wonder!