SuperM’s Taeyong Was So Nervous He Accidentally Addresses Kai By The Wrong Name

He’s really proving himself as the baby of SuperM.

SuperM held a press conference where they appeared as a group for the first time to discuss their upcoming mini-album SuperM.


During the discussion of their song “No Manners”, Taeyong began to name the members who’d participated in the song.

He named himself, Taemin, and Ten. When it came to Kai, he was just a little confused, making both Mark and Kai amused by his response.

Taeyong started to say his real name “Jongin” before correcting it to his stage name, “Kai hyung.”

Taeyong most likely calls Kai by his real name in private. That’s why it must’ve been just a bit confusing for him at that moment, especially since Taemin had called Kai “Jongin-ie” beforehand.

From using a funny word to describe Taemin as seductive to calling Kai “Jongin,” Taeyong radiates baby energy with his cute mistakes. He may be the leader of NCT, but he’s the baby of SuperM (sorry, Mark).