SuperM Taeyong’s Resemblance To Popular Anime Character Has Everyone Ready To Stan

The new look even became a trending topic.

After dropping throwback photos from SuperM‘s previous promotions, they surprised fans with teasers for a whole new release: their first full-length album Super One.

While the first round of teaser photos only displaying a car, everyone hadn’t been ready for the next set and how much Taeyong‘s eye-catching new look resembled a popular anime character.

Dressed in beautifully contrasting black and red outfits, the members of SuperM looked ready to take the world by storm once again. Although everyone looked handsome with their new hair colors, Taeyong’s stood out for being the most adventurous.

| @superm/Twitter

Taeyong didn’t merely have one single color shading his hair. He went with two side by side: red on his right; blond on his left. Since the hair color combination isn’t too common, everyone was quick to notice how closely it resembled a particular anime character.

| @superm/Twitter

That character was none other than My Hero Academia‘s Shoto Todoroki. Since the U. A. High School student’s quirk, or superpower, is being able to manipulate ice with his right side and fire with his left, the duo-toned blond and red hair colors reflect that.


Although the hair colors aren’t on the same exact side as Todoroki’s, fans noticed there was a particular reason for the decision. Since Todoroki has a burn scar on his left side where his hair is fiery red, Taeyong switched that color to his right, where his own scar is—by his right eye.

| @superm/Twitter

Even while customizing the look to suit him, Taeyong kept the rest of his look similar right down to the small details. With the right contacts, he made his right eye nearly black and his left a bright, icy blue exactly like Todoroki’s.

| @incorrectshoto/Twitter

The two looked so similar that everyone couldn’t get over it. On top of making the worldwide trending list for his new look, he had locals, anime fans, and NCTzens gushing over it.

Taeyong is truly an anime character come to life.