SuperM’s Taeyong Should Win An Actor Of The Year Award After Thoroughly Fooling His Members

Seriously, somebody give this man an award!

Although Taeyong may not have made his official acting debut yet, he’s already secured his position as the actor of the century thanks to his flawless acting during SuperM‘s intense liar game.

In the third behind clip from SuperM’s reality show MTOPIA, the group was in the midst of playing another round of the liar game. For this game, two members were the “liars” and had to convince everyone else they knew what the keyword was.

With Baekhyun as the MC for the round, the rest of the members each named one color that reminded them of a convenience store. As soon as the game started, Kai, Ten, and Mark immediately raised suspicion with their answers.

As the most likely suspect thanks to his answer, Mark was everyone’s first guess but he quickly proved that he was not a liar!

With Mark confirmed to have not told a lie, even more suspicion fell on Ten and Kai. Following a quick game of rock, paper, scissors, Ten revealed he wasn’t a liar either making everyone 100% sure that Kai definitely was one. Except…he wasn’t!

With all of the most suspicious members cleared of being the liar, the big question was who was? Having already won the game, Lucas quickly identified himself as the first liar. The last liar, however, kept his identity completely under wraps until the very end.

Not giving himself away, it wasn’t until Baekhyun complimented his acting that Taeyong was identified as the final liar!

From beginning to end, Taeyong skillfully kept his role under wraps and convinced everyone there was no way he could have been a liar.

Somebody give this man an acting award! Watch Taeyong flex his amazing acting skills in the full game below:


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