SuperM Ten And Baekhyun Weren’t Originally Fans Of “Tiger Inside” Point Dance

It didn’t look the same as they’d thought.

Through SuperM‘s in-depth behind-the-scenes segment, the group revealed serious moments of being nervous about the upcoming release of their first full-length album Super One and funny ones like Baekhyun ruining Taemin‘s diet. When it came to the point dance move for “Tiger Inside”, it belonged to the former category.

| SuperM/YouTube 

Upon seeing it for the very first time, Ten and Baekhyun hadn’t been so sure it would fit well with the group’s concept for the track.

In response to the choreography they’d learned for the comeback, Ten already had one in mind. It was the point dance for “Tiger Inside”. It didn’t initially seem like a dance move that would fit their aggressive concept, “You know, the tiger move for the chorus part? I thought it’d look silly when I first learned it.

He wasn’t the only one who had thought so. As soon as he voiced the opinion out loud, Baekhyun agreed, “So did I.” In the end, the dance move turned out to fit the track better than both of them had expected it to.

As Ten practiced the clawing dance more and more, it grew on him. He soon thought it was indeed worthy of being the signature move. “But the more I dance, the more I love it. Because it highlights the choreography, and it’s something new that I haven’t tried.” It also fit well with SuperM’s unique color, “I think it’s very refreshing.

Although a clawing movement would be the first thing to come to mind when thinking of a tiger, it didn’t turn out so cliché. SuperM’s energy made the move next level and impactful. See Ten and Baekhyun proved that looks could indeed be deceiving.