Little Naeun Faces the Ultimatum of Having to Choose Between BTS and Her Dad

You’ve gotta ask the hard questions in life.

In the upcoming episode of KBS’s Superman Returns, soccer player, Park Joo Ho can be seen wearing “Hanboks” with Naeun and Gunhoo while walking around Gyeongju.

During their walk, Park Joon Ho couldn’t contain his excitement and started belting out BTS‘s “Boy With Luv”.

When Naeun heard this, she exclaimed, “Dad, don’t do that” and expressed her embarrassment.

But Park Joo Ho refused to back down. He asked, “Do you think BTS is cool, or do you think I’m cool? You like BTS better, right?

Surprisingly, Naeun responded with, “No, you’re cooler“, which made Park Joo Ho smile brightly.

When he ran into other natives of the town, he bragged, “This is the ‘Hanbok’ that BTS wore. My daughter, Naeun said I’m better than them.

Source: Insight