Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The Child Actress In The New K-Drama “Hi Bye Mama”

Who would have guessed?

Child actress Seo Woo Jin, who plays the role of Jo Seo Woo in the new K-Drama series Hi Bye Mama, has charmed the viewers with her adorable visual…

… and with her uncanny resemblance to actress Kim Tae Hee who plays the role of Jo Seo Woo’s biological mother.

In fact, Seo Woo Jin got cast for the role because she looked a lot like Kim Tae Hee in her childhood!

Young Kim Tae Hee on the left

With each episode, viewers grew curious to find out more about who she is — especially with her acting skills too good to be true for her young age!

And to everyone’s surprise, Seo Woo Jin turned out to be…

… an actor, not an actress!

Reportedly, for kids’ roles, it is somewhat common to cast young talent regardless of their genders — as long as the visual fits.

So the five-year-old boy Seo Woo Jin got the role! He has appeared in many K-Dramas before Hi Bye Mama. His previous works include Go Back CoupleThe Light in Your Eyes, and Love with Flaws.

Seo Woo Jin in “The Light in Your Eyes”

He is also an active child model…

… who definitely knows how to strike a pose!

Watch Seo Woo Jin’s latest interview with the cast of Hi Bye Mama:

Source: MSN and Instagram
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