When These Survival Show Participants Stayed Up All Night To Practise Their Choreography, This Is What SEVENTEEN’s The8 Did

He really was the best dance mentor

Survival shows can certainly be stressful. Every participant knows that this is their only chance of showcasing their talent and guaranteeing themselves a successful debut.

Mentors and trainers on these shows tend to be strict as they want to encourage the trainees to be the best that they can be as the competition gets heated.

But SEVENTEEN’s The8 had a different approach when he served as dance mentor on the second season of Idol Producer.

Viewers were amazed at The8’s patient and encouraging manner of teaching, while he made sure that the boys all improved their dance skills.

But perhaps the most heartwarming moment occurred in the second episode.

The trainees had just been giving a rating of A, B, C, D, F based on their comprehensive ability, but none of the trainees were allocated to Class A.

Following this, they all had to rehearse the theme song of the programme within three days in their assigned classes.

Since none of the trainees were assigned to Class A, every single participant knew that they had to improve themselves before they could showcase their performance.

Fortunately, The8, known by his Chinese name Xu Minghao on the show, was there to help the trainees as they learnt the choreography.

He slowly guided the trainees through each step of the choreography and encouraged them with some kind words. He empathised with their situation of participating in a competition and showed that he understood their feelings.

This is their first day practising, so they must be scared. Because there are only 3 days to learn this dance, so I hope I can be with them to teach them the moves they don’t know

Speaking from experience, The8 also urged each group to look after the other members of their Class and to make sure they encourage each other even if it takes them time to learn the choreography.

He stressed that while it may seem important for them to improve on their personal skills, they also need to make sure that as a team, they all help each other out.

Even if someone is weaker, it doesn’t matter. Because they are a group, a team.

However, in the early morning, The8 found a trainee practising all by himself in a room.

The trainee explained that he wanted to perfect the choreography. When The8 heard this, he stayed with the trainee, demonstrating each of the moves of the dance and making sure that the trainee had perfected every single detail of the choreography.

While the trainee was learning the dance, The8 continually gave him encouragement, telling him that he was doing great.

By the time they were finished, it was already 5:40AM!

But Minghao’s first instinct was to check up on any other trainees to see if they needed help.

When he found a large group of trainees from Grade C, D and F, he asked why they were training so late. The trainees answered that they wanted to finish learning the steps of the chorus.

Even though it was morning, The8 offered to teach them the moves.

He continued guiding them step by step, making sure that every trainee was confident in the choreography.

The trainees were extremely touched that The8 was doing all this for them, even though it was already morning.

Moreover, The8 was patient with the trainees. Whenever they made a mistake, he was gently encouraging with them and guided them until they were able to perfect the dance move.

I was very touched. [The8] talked to us one by one. He really put a lot of heart into teaching us.

The participants were incredibly grateful for The8’s encouraging mentorship that they affectionately nicknamed him “Xu Ming Hao” with the dictation being a pun on the Chinese word for hard-working.

Thanks to his guidance, the trainees successfully performed the theme song in the next episode.

When asked about this, The8 simply explained that because he understood how the trainees all felt, he just wanted to help them achieve their goals.

They really have a fire in their heart that wants to show off themselves, to shine on stage.

All of this just affirms to CARATs that The8 is a genial and approachable individual who is a wonderful part of SEVENTEEN.