Suzy Blinded Everyone With Her Goddess-Level Visuals In Jeans And A Plain Tee

Suzy caused a whole lot of trouble for everyone’s heart!

While Suzy can pull off an elegant dress like the true goddess she is, fans recently caught a glimpse of her in a more casual and laid back look and it’s causing a whole lot of trouble for their hearts!


A few days ago, it was revealed that Suzy had officially finished filming the new drama, Vagabond, set to air this September. To celebrate, the cast and crew not only uploaded some behind-the-scenes photos from their filming, but they also held a special wrap-up party!


And it was at this party that everyone caught a glimpse of Suzy’s goddess level visuals once again.


Dressed in a plain pink T-shirt and jeans, Suzy proved that casual doesn’t look quite so casual on her!


Her stunning visuals were no match for everyone’s heart and pretty soon people were experiencing everything from heart palpitations…


To breathlessness!


The simple look let Suzy’s visuals shine through and left many fans feeling very attacked.


Although there’s absolutely no doubt that Suzy would look good in anything that she put on, this casual outfit has already become a fan favorite and it’s not hard to see why!