Suzy Chooses “Doona!” As Her Favorite Out Of All the Characters She Has Played So Far

She put her all into this character.

Recently, Suzy met with a media outlet for an interview on her role in the Netflix original series Doona! She revealed that of all the characters she has played so far, Doona was the character she liked the most.

Suzy | Doona!/Netflix

As her acting experience has grown, she said that she became more affectionate to playing characters with much pain compared to when she played the role of “the nation’s first love,” when she did not know much about acting.

In the convenience store scene, she told the director about her actual experience.

I heard that these days, instead of stating, ‘Wow! A celebrity,’ idols are more concerned about whether or not a photo was taken.

⁠— Suzy

And with that, Suzy’s suggestion was actually reflected in the drama. In another scene where she goes to buy cigarettes, she even takes into account the age of the convenience store owner and asks that the actor be replaced with someone of an age who would not know that it was a retired idol who was buying cigarettes.

From Doona’s point of view, the sharehouse must have felt like a prison, and the only thing she could do to relieve her loneliness and anxiety was smoking cigarettes. Since she was only staying at home, she wore light clothes even though it was winter.

⁠— Suzy

Suzy | Doona!/Netflix

In order to portray the outspoken character of former idol Doona, she added swear words that weren’t in the script.

I felt comfortable with everything Doona expressed, so I added additional profanity. In order to express Doona, who only knows herself in the world, some lines had to be expressed more harshly to convey the emotions better. I did it because I felt like something missing. But during rehearsal, the director asked, ‘Was this there?’ I said, ‘I tried putting it in, should I take it out?’ And he said, ‘It’s good’ and that’s how it came about.

⁠— Suzy

Lastly, when asked which role she would take on again between Doona or Seoyeon from Architecture 101, she said, “I would take on both roles even if I had to make time. If that role made me the nation’s first love again, I should take it on, shouldn’t I?” revealing her desire for acting.

Source: star today