The Time Suzy Stunned Everyone At An Overseas Awards Ceremony With Her Outstanding Beauty

“I mean I’m not saying the Chinese actresses are ugly but…”

Suzy‘s visuals are widely recognized not only all over South Korea but also overseas. During an overseas awards ceremony, she was once invited to, the gorgeous singer managed to sweep everyone’s hearts with her beauty. She was widely praised for standing her own amongst China’s top actresses.

She wore a gorgeous gown based loosely on the traditional Hanbok design. Way to promote both yourself and your country!

Absolutely stunning.

Even when she was on stage amongst the top actresses and beauties in China, Suzy’s beauty stood out.

Her small face and prominent features drew everyone’s attention.

What else did we expect from South Korea’s icon of first love?

Netizens remained equally impressed with her beauty when they looked back on this moment from 2014, in 2021.

  • “She slayed them all.”
  • “Even amongst all the actresses she basically one-killed everyone.”
  • “She’s Korea’s top treasure.”
  • “I mean I’m not saying the Chinese actresses are ugly but it’s Suzy, come on.”

With that being said, fans are anxiously awaiting Suzy’s next comeback after her successful run with Start-up.

Source: theqoo