Nam Joo Hyuk Is An Absolute Gentleman To Suzy In Behind-The-Scenes Moment For “Start-Up”

We’re not sure who we’re more jealous of.

Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk have been showing impeccable chemistry through their latest drama, Start-Up. A sweet moment from a behind-the-scenes clip is gaining attention on online communities. Fans are swooning over how well Nam Joo Hyuk takes care of his co-star!

The two had to shoot a scene with them eating ice-cream pops but Suzy was unable to break open her ice-cream from its casing. Nam Joo Hyuk quickly took over and helped the gorgeous lady. Thanks to him, the scene went on smoothly.

During a close-up scene, the lights in the studio were rather glaring. Nam Joo Hyuk used his hand to shade Suzy’s eyes from the bright lamp. It also protected her from the dangling microphone overhead.

Fans are complimenting the duo for their chemistry and stunning visuals. They praised Nam Joo Hyuk for his heart-fluttering consideration towards his co-star.

  • “It’s so heart-fluttering. I hope they walk a flower path only.”
  • “When they smile, they make me smile too.”
  • “Heart-fluttering from the early morning keke”
  • “Super strong visuals combination…this is the best”
  • “Really heart-fluttering…”
  • “I think this is a legendary visual combination”
  • “F*cking handsome and f*cking pretty…”
  • “Heart-fluttering”

To catch more of such sweet moments, tune in to Start-Up every weekend on Netflix! You can catch Suzy’s behind-the-scenes vlog below.

Source: theqoo