Suzy Hesitates When She’s Asked To Choose Between A Handsome Guy Versus An Average Guy

She cracked up at her own answer 😂

We all love it when celebrities show their human side to us and the Nation’s First Love did just that in a recent YouTube video. Suzy sat down to answer some questions but there was one that particularly caught viewers’ eyes. Let’s take a look.

Suzy took some time to sit down with Management SOOP‘s YouTube channel to answer some random questions. Viewers loved her candidness as well as her realness when answering the questions. She answered a very important, age old question about her pizza preferences.

What do you think about pineapple pizza?

— Management SOOP Interviewer

Suzy didn’t hesitate with her answer as she put her foot down in regards to her food choices.

Honestly, I don’t really like it when there are a lot of things on top of pizza. I like standard pizza, like pepperoni.

— Suzy

But it wasn’t the pizza question that caught the attention of viewers. This next question tipped Suzy into a laughing spell.

Would you rather pick a handsome guy that is not funny or an average looking guy that is hilarious?

— Management SOOP Interviewer

There was a moment of hesitancy where Suzy pretended to think about the question but it didn’t take long before she responded with,

A handsome guy who isn’t funny.

— Suzy

After her response, Suzy started cackling and wasn’t able to stop her laughter. We love the honesty Suzy! Watch the rest of her interview below.

Source: Insight and Naver