Suzy Proves She’s Beautiful Inside And Out With Her First Beauty Book With Lancôme

Proceeds from the book are going to a good cause:

Suzy is a truly beautiful person both inside and out. While she’s consistently leaving everyone breathless with her goddess visuals, she’s also always stealing hearts with her own heart of gold and recently she’s showcased every side of her beauty through a new beauty book project.

Partnering with the beauty brand Lancôme, Suzy worked on a special beauty book which recently dropped for pre-ordering. The book, called OBSESSION WITH SUZY, is said to focus on presenting the different sides of her chic and elegant beauty. And wanting to show the different sides of Suzy, Lancôme revealed, “We tried various concepts and were able to showcase Suzy’s charms which will be different from anything anyone has seen before.”

Suzy also opened up about trying out different concepts and themes for the book and revealed how much fun she had doing it!

It is always interesting to find the image that I want to express and the image that suits me best.

— Suzy

This project, however, didn’t just showcase Suzy’s visual charms it also highlighted her heart of gold too! All the proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated to help low-income women and teens access feminine products such as sanitary pads.

As a woman, I hope to support Korean teenagers who will be starting a new journey as women.

— Suzy

Suzy truly is beautiful both inside and out!

Source: Osen and Edaily


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