Suzy Is So Flawless That Even Her Shadow Is Making Everyone Go Wild

Even Suzy’s shadow is pure perfection:

With her unlimited talents, sweet personality, and stunning visuals, Suzy is certainly no stranger to making everyone’s heart flutter. Suzy is such a master of making hearts flutter that even her shadow has been receiving a whole lot of attention!


On January 18, Suzy attended a lunar new year pop-up event for the cosmetic brand Lancôme and showcased her timeless beauty. With her hair pulled into a chic ponytail and rocking a black turtleneck sweater, Suzy immediately stole everyone’s breath!


Suzy’s was so flawless that even her shadow has been driving everyone wild!


Everyone is blown away by the fact that even Suzy’s shadow is gorgeous and many fans can’t help but compare her shadow to that of a Disney princess!


Suzy and her shadow have been gaining so much attention that she’s been taking over the trends on Twitter all over the world!


Even Suzy noticed just how stunning her shadow is, posting one of the photos to her Instagram page!

I like the shadow.

— Suzy


From her singing, dancing, and acting to her shadow, Suzy is definitely the queen of making our hearts flutter!