Here’s Why Suzy Started Autographing Soju Bottles at a Work Get-Together

She was at a restaurant for a work get-together with her “Vagabond” colleagues.

According to posts that were recently uploaded in online communities, Suzy held a special signing event in a restaurant at the request of the staff.

In the shared photos, Suzy can be seen providing autographs while sitting on the ground of a Korean restaurant.

But instead of paper, what Suzy was signing were soju bottles, which also happens to be the brand of soju that she models for.

At a work get-together for Suzy’s upcoming drama, Vagabond, Suzy was asked for autographs by the staff, and after realizing that there was no paper, she cleverly went for a more creative alternative.

As a result, the staff received very special autographs that no one was expecting, and it very much looks like a collectible that all Suzy fans might want from now on.

Suzy’s upcoming drama, Vagabond is set to air this coming September on SBS.


Source: Dispatch