Suzy’s Contact Renewal Still Under Discussion With JYP Entertainment

All eyes are on Suzy and JYP Entertainment as they continue discussions on her contract renewal. 

As reported previously, the exclusive contract between Suzy and JYP Entertainment ends on March 31. With Suzy being one of the most sought after singer and actress in the Korean entertainment industry, whether or not she chooses to renew with her agency remains a hot topic.

On March 30, JYP Entertainment released their side of the negotiations.

“The exclusive contract between Suzy and JYP Entertainment will end tomorrow. We are still discussing the renewal.”

— JYP Entertainment official

The official also revealed that the end of her contract does not mean that their relationship with Suzy will end if not renewed. She is currently working with JYP Entertainment on her current drama and various other projects. The agency promised to not hesitate in supporting her until a decision is made.

Insiders believe that Suzy will likely choose not to renew her contract as there has been little speculation around payments between the two parties so far. Although the contract ends today, it is expected that the agency will continue to support her as she concentrates on her activities.

Suzy is presently filming for the upcoming SBS drama, While You Were Sleeping.

Source: OSEN