Suzy’s Security Guard Stole The Spotlight By Protecting Her From Indecent Exposure

Girl crush alert!

Suzy attended the Lancome event at the COEX in Seoul, and what drew more attention than Suzy’s stunning beauty was her security guard’s caring gesture.

As soon as Suzy got out of her car, the female security guard grabbed a blanket and held it in front of the door.

Since Suzy was wearing a short skirt for the event, the security guard was making sure she didn’t accidentally expose herself in front of countless cameras.

In response to the security guard’s casual yet caring gesture, Suzy thanked her as she proceeded out of the car.

Fans are now in love with this security guard and are leaving comments such as “I even love Suzy’s security guards” and “Let’s start calling her ‘Unnie’“.

Check out the full footage below: