The Sweet Story Behind BLACKPINK Lisa’s Favorite Sweet Treat

What sweet treat is it?

There are a slew of delicious desserts in the world, but BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has a specific favorite, and it even has a special memory linked to it!

In an interview with Complex, Lisa was asked, “What is the GOAT dessert?

After thinking for a moment, she chose chocolate mousse…

…and her reason is so sweet! As a child, Lisa’s dad often made it for her.

My dad used to make it for me when I was young.

— Lisa 

Marco Brüschweiler is a Swiss-born professional chef who married Lisa’s mom when Lisa was a young child.

Marco Brüschweiler, Lisa’s stepfather

It’s been several years since he first made the dessert for her, but she still considers it her favorite.

Since then, I’ve really liked chocolate mousse.

— Lisa 

As a world renowned chef, we can only imagine that the chocolate mousse Lisa’s dad whipped up for her was delicious!

Lisa’s Instagram Story with her dad | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Learn more about her dad in the article below.

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