T-ARA’s Qri Shares How Obvious It Was To Spot Idol Couples At “Idol Star Athletic Championships”

She shared the signs she noticed.

T-ARA member Qri recently made a guest appearance on MBC Every1‘s South Korean Foreigners and as a veteran K-Pop idol, she shared some tea with the studio.

T-ARA member Qri on “South Korean Foreigners” | MBC Every1

The girl group member made her debut back in 2009, marking her 12th year in the industry. With over a decade long career, the T-ARA member shared some insider secrets about dating with the viewers of South Korean Foreigners.

Qri revealed that at the annual Idol Star Athletic Championships, many idols can be “caught” dating. Before she shared her two cents, former KARA member Heo Youngji commented,

I heard that you can see who is dating who at the Idol Star Athletic Championships. My unnies told me they could always just tell after looking at them. However, I could never see it.

— Heo Youngji

Still from 2020 “Idol Star Athletic Championships” | MBC

It was to this that Qri shared her secret on how to spot the couples. Her signs proved that it wasn’t as difficult or secretive as one would think.

You can tell because those who are dating will do whatever they can to be next to one another.

— Qri

T-ARA at “Idol Star Athletic Championships” | Insight

The T-ARA member also further shared that at the event, groups are expected to always be together. However, those who are dating make it obvious when they walk around stadium without their members.


You can catch Qri talk about idols secretly dating on the upcoming episode of South Korean Foreigners.

Source: Insight