These Photos Show What It’s Like Inside T.O.P’s House

T.O.P‘s house has been a big talking point recently, as many fans have pointed out that his house reminds them of a museum.

T.O.P’s home is a luxurious villa located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The average price for a home there is 3 billion won and the average size is 2900 square feet.

T.O.P bought two of these, remodeled the interior, and combined them into an even larger home. Currently, his house is around 5800 square feet, much larger than the national average home size of 1200 square feet.

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With such a large house, T.O.P has filled it with furniture and artwork. In a past Radio Star broadcast, he revealed that he would spend up to 95% of his income on art. Even with the remaining 5%, T.O.P was still able to purchase an entire grape vineyard in Argentina!

Check out some pictures of the artwork in his home below.


The walls in his kitchen are covered in art, so he decided to hang a sculpture from the ceiling instead.

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A unique art piece to go with T.O.P’s unique view.

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Once you’re through admiring the art that’s hanging on the wall, you’ll notice that even his furniture is art.

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Source: Dispatch