Taehyun Is TXT’s Fave Fansite Master, And No One Had A Clue

He’s the one behind some of TXT’s best photos.

Although TXT‘s Taehyun claims he isn’t skilled at taking selfies, he’s quite gifted when it comes to taking photos of other people.

From photos that were released on Weverse, not only did he turn out to be an ace photographer but willing to do whatever it takes for that perfect shot.

The first photo was Soobin giving a warm smile, comfortably sitting in the natural sunlight from the window.

In the second, Yeonjun opted to look away from the camera, showing his handsome side profile. Standing in front of a white wall, it was the perfect contrast between his vibrant blue hair and dark shirt.

Holding the camera and angling it for the perfect shot, Beomgyu snapped what appeared to be a simple, candid photo, with him being the sole focus.

For the last, Hueningkai‘s was similar to Soobin’s. All he needed to do was give a gentle smile. Although, his hair did spark a few confused questions about what was going on there.

While everyone would’ve thought a professional photographer took the photos, they were actually taken by Taehyun.

For that simple photo of Soobin, he stood on a chair while pointing the camera down at him for the right angle.

Since Yeonjun is taller than Taehyun, he had to spread his legs a bit to have the camera at the right height for the photo. Such a small act can change the entire balance of the photo.

That shot of Beomgyu? He was getting more help than it seemed. With Taehyun most likely standing on another chair and angling down the camera as he did for Soobin, he was able to snap the most effortless photo.

The same went for the photo of Hueningkai. With complete focus, Taehyun wasn’t playing any games in his role as photographer.

Who would’ve thought Taehyun was the TXT fansite master that everyone needed?