Taemin Always Moves Like A Sexy God, But He Really Rocked This One Concert

He wowed just about everyone.

Taemin performed his top hits at the Dream Concert in May of 2018. Fans were wowed by his pure talent and dreamy visuals – as always.


This performance remains super iconic, however, because even the rainy weather worked in Taemin’s favor to make him look extra sexy!


As Taemin performed “Move” and other popular tracks, the audience took a million photos to capture the intensity of the stage. When these photos were revealed, fans dropped their jaws in astonishment.


Taemin looked even sexier in the rain, with his hair slicked back and the raindrops glistening around him like fairy dust!


Fans still mention this concert as Taemin’s steamiest performance to date.


Note how it looks like Taemin is controlling the rain! While for most performances, the rain would have been a hindrance – Taemin made it work for him.


Even the press photos turned out to be some of the most amazing quality captures of Taemin that was fire.


With the 2019 Dream Concert line up revealing Taemin to bless the venue all again, fans are looking back to the past concerts – only to realize Taemin is just fire on any stage.


Watch Taemin’s 2018 “Move” performance here: