Taemin Opens Up On Originally Hating SHINee’s “Replay” And Why It Now Brings Him To Tears

Although SHINee’s debut song is iconic to many, it’s bittersweet to Taemin.

When an OG K-Pop fan thinks of SHINee or a newer one discovers them, there’s one iconic song that’s stood the test of time: “Replay”. Even though idols like TXT‘s Taehyun became a singer after seeing Taemin in that particular music video, Taemin admitted that he hadn’t been a fan of the song.

| onsoolee/YouTube

In the second half of his appearance on VIXX‘s Ravi‘s RAVI’s CLOSE UP, Taemin revealed why he’d hated “Replay” and why it now makes him burst into tears.

After mentioning that there are songs he has a love-hate relationship with, Taemin shared that “Replay” was one of them. He confessed that he originally really, really didn’t like it, “In some ways, I really hated ‘Noona, You’re So Pretty’ by SHINee at first.

The reason stemmed from receiving little to no lines in the song, “‘Cause I didn’t sing in the song. I hated that, but it’s like love and hate.” Like most things, Taemin’s point of view changed over time.

When Taemin listens to SHINee’s songs, especially their debut mini-album, “Replay” is the one he now enjoys most. “But I like it the most when listening again.” It also made him emotional.

Hearing the song brings back memories of SHINee’s early days with their late member Jonghyun. “It reminds me of the old days like nostalgia. Thinking of the old days makes me burst into tears.

Taemin thought that was the beauty of music: to hold meaning for the listener. Even though he had a rough start with it, it’s a song that will always hold a special place in his heart—and a permanent reminder of those precious times the group shared.


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