Taemin suffers wardrobe malfunction during SHINee’s concert in Nagoya

A wardrobe malfunction left Taemin embarrassed after his trousers split open in the middle of his performance. 

The incident happened during SHINee’s concert stop in Nagoya, Japan last April 4th. SHINee was performing “Step By Step~ Do Me Right” when Taemin’s trousers split open in a middle of solo dance break.

Although Taemin was able to carry on with the performance initially, he eventually had to leave the stage as soon as he had the chance. He did an ingenious way of ensuring the performance continued by singing while he made his way backstage and changed trousers. The members also did not notice his absence at first until they found him missing in his usual center position.

Despite his absence, he continued singing live and was able to return back to the stage with a newer set of trousers.

It was later during the talk segment of the concert that he talked about the wardrobe malfunction. According to Taemin, he ate a lot during their tour in North America and gained weight in places no one could see.

The incident immediately earned Taemin the title “serial pants killer” as soon as the video circulated online. Since his debut with the group, he has been the sole victim of wardrobe malfunctions due to their powerful choreography and tight stage outfits.

The full clip of their performance can be seen below.