Taemin’s Ear Spotted Bleeding After Headset Got Tangled On His Piercing

Taemin‘s headset got wrapped around his ear piercing while on stage and caused his ear to bleed onto his outfit.

SHINee has been touring the world with their World V Tour and made a stop in Saitama, Japan, on April 12 for their SHINee World 2017 Japan Arena Tour .

They performed all their biggest Japanese hits, such as “Do Me Right”, “Diamond Sky”, and “Married to the Music”. During their performance of “Kimi No Sei De” however, Taemin suffered a mishap with his earpiece as it got tangled on his ear piercing (you can see the mishap at 0:28).


Taemin immediately noticed his earpiece had been wrapped up around his earring and tried to detangle it while still performing on stage. After a few tries, he was able to detangle it but realized that his ear was bleeding.

Throughout the performance, Taemin checked every now and then to see if his ear was continuing to bleed. According to one fan, the blood had even dropped on to his performance outfit.

We hope Taemin’s ear heals soon.

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