TaeTiSeo Was Once Avoided By All Their Juniors On Stage And Here’s The Reason Why

All hail the queens of K-pop.

It’s a no-brainer that TaeTiSeo and Girls’ Generation are major seniors in the industry, with their debut in 2007, making them veterans that have been on stage for 13 years now. Their charisma, success and talent make them one of the most highly respected celebrities in the industry that many new groups take as benchmarks for themselves.

Girls’ Generation has been slaying the game even five years prior, back in 2015, where they stood in the first line of singers during the ending of Music Bank’s December 4th episode. As K-pop fans may be familiar with, the front line is usually reserved for either nominees of first place for the week, or senior artists. However, it seems that as a good, exemplary sunbae, TaeTiSeo took a step back to let their hoobaes have a chance to shine.

They left a line of space in front of them, for any group to take up if they wishes. However, it seems like all the juniors respected the girls too much to take up the space directly in front of them, resulting in a crowding towards the right side of the stage.

With how awkward the space looked empty, Taeyeon took a little step forwards in the end, motioning for Seohyun and Tiffany to join her. Although they weren’t nominated for first place that week, the girls remained in high esteem by their colleagues.

In other news, the maknae of Girls’ Generation, Seohyun, just turned 30 in Korea on the 28th of June 2020. It is remarkable how she has only just hit her thirties after being so successful in her career for over a decade. We hope to see more from all of the girls in the future – GG forever!

Source: Daum

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