Taeyang Confirms Enlistment Date And Reveals His True Feelings

Following G-Dragon’s enlistment on February 27, Taeyang is set to start his mandatory military duty on March 12.

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All able-bodied men are required to serve in the military or carry out alternative public service for two years.


The two were originally told by the Military Manpower Administration to enlist in the army around March. Because of this, the members broke the news to their fans at their last concert in December.


They also reminded their fans that they loved them and that they would meet again soon.

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The enlistment comes a few short weeks after Taeyang’s marriage to actress Min Hyorin.


Taeyang made a statement during TvN’s Double Life that he plans on growing and maturing into a man with more character during his service. He also stated that these changes will transfer into his future songs and performances.

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He hopes that fans look forward to these changes.