Taeyeon’s Doggo, “Zero” Is Now an Employee of SM Entertainment

Zero even has his own name tag.

Taeyeon recently uploaded new photos to her dog, Zero‘s Instagram account announcing the news of Zero’s employment at SM Entertainment.

The shared photos show Taeyeon’s gorgeous poodle sitting on an office desk with an SM Entertainment name tag around his neck that reads, “ZERO”.

From the looks of it, Zero looked absolutely ecstatic to be a part of the team.


Zero showed off his beautiful grey fur and beautiful doggy characteristics while proving that he is indeed a good and obedient poodle.

Seeing how well-behaved he is in every photo, it’s no wonder he’s been given the title of an SM Entertainment employee.

In addition to the congratulatory photos, Taeyeon also playfully added the caption, “Doggy employee with good teeth” to the photo of Zero flashing a big smile.

Congratulations on your new accomplishment, Zero!

Source: Dispatch

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