Taeyeon Shares The Most Emotional Letter At Her Concert And Worries Fans

“Please stay by our side, Taeyeon…”

On January 17, 2020, Taeyeon kicked off the first of her three nights of concert “The Unseen” in Seoul. At the end of a hugely successful “Day 1”, Taeyeon shared an emotional handwritten letter on the screen — and the fans who attended the show got so heartbroken that they couldn’t get themselves to leave the venue.


Taeyeon admitted in the letter that she has gone through quite a rough time in her life.

I lost a lot of sleep. And all I could breathe out were deep sighs. There wasn’t much else for me to say out loud. My body was tired, my soul was tired. That turned me quiet.

— Taeyeon


She shared that she has become so worn out and drained — to the point that she fears she won’t be able to perform anymore because she simply wouldn’t have the energy.

And that got me worried. I voice myself by singing… but what if I can’t even do that anymore? What if I can’t pull together the energy to put my songs out there anymore? I am so tired. I am so exhausted. I just want to cry.

— Taeyeon


Yet, Taeyeon added, when she does sing on stage, it “breathes life back into her soul”. She claimed that no matter how difficult, being there for the fans gives her purpose…

Yet here I am singing and performing for the fans again. Yes, I don’t have much energy left. But this breathes life back into me. This is how I rise from the bottom again. My beloved staff and fans. My people who are here with me…

— Taeyeon


… and her fans being there for her brings her meaning.

Your presence here with me tonight means everything to me. Today, all I wanted to do was sing for you and sing for me. Thank you so much for staying through all of that. From Taeyeon.

— Taeyeon


The rawest of emotions Taeyeon poured out on to the letter has her fans feeling extremely grateful — and more united than ever before in support of Taeyeon. Though heartbroken and worried, Taeyeon’s fans are staying strong for her and wishing her nothing but happiness.

Source: THEQOO