Someone Beat out Taeyeon on the Music Charts, but Fans Are Suspicious

This is shortly after Park Kyung’s chart manipulation controversy.

In light of the chart manipulation controversy sparked by Block B‘s Park Kyung, a rookie singer who beat on Taeyeon on the music charts (Melon) has become a hot topic of conversation in online communities.

The shared screenshot shows the rookie singer, Boramiyu, placing first place with her son, “It’s Over”, beating out Taeyeon’s “Into the Unknown”.

“It’s Over” is a song that Boramiyu released earlier this month, but the fact that her song beat out Taeyeon’s has many fans suspicious.

In addition to being a rookie singer, fans are suspicious of the ranking because Boramiyu’s song ranks in 66th place on the real-time charts.

Fans who saw this ranking responded with comments such as “I’ve never heard of her, yet she’s in first place?“, “I can’t believe she beat Taeyeon“, and “You can’t trust the music charts these days“.

Source: Dispatch

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