This Predebut Recording Of Taeyeon Proves She’s Always Had Honey Vocals

The voice of an angel!

Taeyeon debuted with Girls’ Generation in 2007, but even before that she was already stopping hearts with her amazing talents.


Fans have just rediscovered an old recording of “You Bring Me Joy” by The One featuring a trainee Taeyeon.


This song was recorded back in 2004, making Taeyeon only 15 years old at the time! But just because she was young doesn’t mean she wasn’t able to blow everyone away with her voice!

Because she really did!


Perhaps it was that song that spurred her on to try out for the SM Youth Best Competition that same year, but she did and won first place! 

This ended up leading to an official contract with SM Entertainment and we all know what happened after that!


The song now holds a special place in fans’ hearts including the impressive solo version she performed on a radio show in 2008.


Although she only sang a few bars of the song, she put her own spin on it and totally wowed everyone present!


It just goes to show that Taeyeon has always had an absolutely stunning voice!


Check out the full version of “You Bring Me Joy” below to experience Taeyeon’s honey vocals for yourself!

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