Taeyeon received a flower from a nervous male fan and this happened

This is probably one of the cutest encounters between an idol and a fan. This Taeyeon fanboy was adorably nervous when meeting Taeyeon at a fan meet and trying to give her a flower.

In a recent fan meet for her new song “Make Me Love You“, Taeyeon was greeted by an extremely nervous fan who was shaking while handing her a clip-on flower!


This innocent interaction made many fans chuckle including Taeyeon herself. Many also agreed that they would’ve also been like that fan if they met their favorite idol.

After the fan handed the flower to Taeyeon, the fan went ahead to try and shape a heart with Taeyeon. Many praised Taeyeon for her sweet behavior when she was seen immediately smiling and holding the fan’s hand like the angel she is!

Check out this adorable interaction in full, below!

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