Taeyeon’s Furry Sidekick Crashed Her Fan Meeting and Single-Handedly Stole the Show

“What am I doing up here?” – Zero

Taeyeon recently held her 2019 TAEYEON FANMEETING – inside in Seoul where she took some time to interact and chat with her beloved fans.

Aside from Taeyeon’s radiant presence and her amazing fan service, what caught the attention of most fans was the furry sidekick that joined in on the fan meeting.

That furry sidekick’s name is Zero, and as soon as he appeared on stage, fans welcomed him with loud cheers.

Prior to this appearance, Zero showed all sorts of lovable sides to himself on his own Instagram account as well as that of his human.

But the new setting must have scared Zero because he looked tense throughout his time on stage and even refused to show Taeyeon’s fans his special tricks.

Fans who saw Zero at the meeting responded with comments such as “My heart skipped a beat when he came on stage“, “It’s even cuter that he was so nervous“, and “Zero, you have to be happy, okay?

Source: Insight